Delicious food always depends on fresh ingredients and the perfect kitchen tool. We are always looking for a kitchen tool that will save our time as well as increase the food quality. Nowadays, there are so many companies developing their products which meet our requirements perfectly and the LoafNest is one of them. It provides you with an easy way to bake delicious bread!

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Intro: LoafNest




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Baking process

Intro: Loafnest

The LoafNest became very popular in early 2021 for its baking bread system. Normally, we have to follow a list of steps like mixing, proofing, shaping, kneading, etc for baking bread. Sometimes despite following every step, the bread isn’t coming out perfectly. The inventors of the LoafNest reduce the steps and upgrade the LoafNest design into only 3 steps (mixing, proofing and baking). Though there are many baking pans that have this feature, but the LoafNest is well-designed. The two main elements of this pan are:

  1. A bread pan made of cast iron with a flat bottomed bottom and a rounded top.
  2. A silicone/fiberglass liner with perforations.
Loafnest, loafpan

LoafNest iron cast top and bottom


For making a perfect and delicious bread the inventors of the LoafNest tested so many solutions systems and formats and ended up with a design that satisfies the following requirements.

High humidity & Steam flow:

Professional baker uses steam in their ovens or creates their own steam to create a crusty crust. In order to bake a perfect bread, we need to make sure the high humidity and the steam could properly flow the whole bread. The LoafNest thought of this solution and amazingly every component of the kit has a real purpose.

The cast-iron bottom and top create a mini-steam oven. It captures all the moisture of the dough and remains the dough flexible for a long time. Because of the cast iron, all the heat and steam will stay inside and are able to circulate perfectly. During baking, the bread got a lot of oven springs because of the closed iron top.

No-Knead Bread:

Making no-knead bread creates so many masses and that’s why it’s quite tough to make it all the time. The dough of the no-knead bread tends to be so sticky and liquid. You can not shape most of these bread and that’s why you need a pan that holds onto the bread perfectly. The silicon liner of the LoafNest is perfect for this kind of bread.

This liner is placed between two cast iron pans and prevents the bread from sticking to the pans. Though the liner isn’t new the LoafNest silicon liner just happens to work very well. This liner will be loved by No-Knead bread fans!

Loafnest, loafpan

Easy to clean:

The most important part of a kitchen tool is it has to be easy to clean. For the sticky dough, most of the baking pans aren’t easy to use or take so many times. This is the biggest advantage of the LoafNest, specifically the silicon liner. Only with a quick rise can clean the liner and there is no need for any other clean-up. Isn’t it really easy to clean the LoafNest!

Easy to use:

Not only easy to clean, but a kitchen tool also has to be easy to use. No one wants to drop a hot pan! The LoafNest handles are large enough to hold safely. Also, the pan will fit perfectly in the average oven

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Own steam flow keeps bread moisturized.


Easy to make No-Knead bread.


Easy to clean up.


Handles are easy to hold.


Eye catching color.


Free from lead , cadmium, BPA and POFA.



The large size of this pan may suffer you, if your oven isn’t big enough.


High price.

Baking process:

The baking process of LoafNest is very easy. First of all, you need to pre-heated the pan for preventing sticky the dough from sticking to the liner. Then simply pour the dough onto the liner. There is no need of oiling the liner or any parchment paper. Because of the liner, the dough can not reach the hot iron pan. The iron pan and the silicon liner both help make beautiful and delicious bread.

If you are a bread lover, the LoafNest will make your work easy. Most importantly without babysitting this pan will help you make beautiful and delicious bread more often.
So what are you waiting for!